Yesss. xD

I can get on RES and Tumblr, which is unusual, because usually theyre blocked, aha. ewe

Im just in English now, were watching The Boy in The Striped Pajamas. uvu Ive already seen it though, so Im working on my novel study and writing this. :3 Im still sort of paying attention to the movie, though, so Im basically doing three things at once. xD

Its ten PM now, and Im trying to finish my novel study because its due tomorrow. D: I might print off what Ive got and just do the rest in my room, Im not sure yet. 030 //shrugs

I figured Id get this done right quick though, just in case I forget or run out of time. ^^

Anyway, Im going to keep working on my novel study, so Im going to get off for tonight. owo

Good night guys! -w-